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Make sure your trip to the festival is a good experience with these safety tips.
4 Tips To Stay Safe And Well At The Summer Festival
The following are all key components to ensuring a festival outing isn't marred by an unpleasant experience.
Summer is one of the more enjoyable times of year, but it's not without its downsides, all coming from above.
Summer: A Season Of Storms
Hurricanes may be the most talked about storm when the weather gets warm, but there's several others to be mindful of.
More than half of all management positions are held by women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
How Women Have Evened The Playing Field In The Workplace
Approximately 51% of all management positions in the United States are held by women, proof positive of the strides made towards equality.
Dog training makes dog ownership safer and simpler.
Why Training Is A Key Part Of Dog Ownership
August 26 is National Dog Day, and there's no better way to pay tribute to your dog than by taking the time to train them.
Farmers are in dire need of water, as the harsh effects of drought are plaguing a quarter of the country.
One Quarter of U.S. Experiencing Drought
It isn't just California that's seen limited amounts of rainfall this year, as the East Coast has been hard hit by drought as well.
By most estimates, New York City is the most expensive place to live, and by extension, to run a business.
5 Costly Cities For Running A Business
From food prices to overhead, these are some of the more expensive locations in the country to run a business.
Many states prohibit teens from driving with more than one passenger up to a certain age.
Back To School Means Back To The Roads For Teens
With classes resuming shortly, thousands of teens will not only be learning about math and history, but also the rules of the road.
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is the latest example of how freak accidents often happen in the comfort of home.
When Freak Accidents Occur At Home
Seemingly harmless household items are linked to thousands of injuries every year.
Keyless entry hacking is the latest way in which thieves are attempting to gain access to passenger vehicles.
Car Hacking Bound To Happen More Frequently, Owners Say
Nearly 80% of car owners says car hacking will be more widespread within three years, according to a recent poll by Kelley Blue Book. 
Most Americans try to put away at least $1,000 for their annual road trip, according to a new survey.
Most Americans Save Before Summer Road Trip, Poll Finds
A great way to save money while planning for vacation is through performing some basic automotive maintenance checks.
Searing sunlight combined with record warmth adds up to double trouble on your house's exterior.
How Extreme Heat, Sun Can Damage Your House
When temperatures climb in the summertime, residential foundations and roofs beg for mercy.
More than 10,000 people per year die in accidents caused by a drunk driver.
Turning To Technology To Help End Drunk Driving
Alcohol-interlock systems and other technologies are the latest tools being deployed in the battle against driving under the influence.
Audible and vibrating alerts that smartphone users receive may be causing more people to drive distracted, according to a new study from Florida State University.
Cellphone Alerts Nearly As Distracting As Texting, Researchers Say
Researchers from Florida State University say that smartphone alerts may be driving motorists to distraction. 
Schools must ensure that students can be transported quickly when there's a crisis going on.
Report: States, Schools Falling Behind In Child Safety
The vast majority of safety recommendations made by Save The Children have not been fully met, according to a new progress report from the non-governmental organization.
A security alarm is a reliable way to ward off residential theft.
4 Effective Ways Of Deterring Home Theft
Summer is a peak time of year for robberies, mainly because people are away on vacation.
Keeping both hands on the wheel is another way to drive defensively.
Top 5 Rules Of Defensive Driving
Anticipating when an accident might happen is the most effective way to avoid being involved in one.
Approximately 80% of business owners fail PCI compliance assessment testing, a new report finds.
Broader Acceptance Of Alternative Payments Leaving Businesses Vulnerable
More businesses accept credit and other alternative forms of payment, but they're not shoring up their data defenses at the same time, a new poll suggests. 
Now's the time to prepare for the next big hurricane.
Calm Before The Storm Is Time To Prepare
The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season has been quiet, but it's times like these that make it ideal to prepare for storms that do strike.
National Night Out helps promote the development of neighborhood crime watches.
Helping Neighbors Come Together Through National Night Out
The first Tuesday in August celebrates how neighborhood support and joint interests can prevent property crime.
Nearly half of the United States has some form of red light camera in operation.
Hitting The Brakes For 'National Stop On Red Week'
Stretching from Aug. 2-8, the traffic safety campaign that aims to end red-light running.
A frivolous lawsuit can bring a small business to its knees if unprotected.
Ridiculous Lawsuits No Laughing Matter To Small Businesses
Lawsuit abuse costs small businesses $105 billion per year, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for Legal Reform.
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