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Although technological advancements and hi-tech gadgetry have helped more drivers protect their vehicles from being stolen, thieves are resorting to new ways of gaining entry into secured vehicles.
NICB Issues Consumer Warning About Keyless Entry Vehicles
Thieves are catching up with the times by gaining access to cars that use keyless entry, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
Between July and September, more than 18,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were created in nearly half of the U.S.
Easy Ways Business Owners Can 'Go Green'
There are many policies entrepreneurs can implement that reduce their company's carbon footprint.
There are thousands of independent agents who may work on behalf of insurers, but are really there to represent consumers so that they can get the best deal for themselves and their loved ones.
Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent
Consumers come to find the advantages of dealing with an independent agent almost immediately.
A question that a lot of people have is how to determine the appropriate amount of homeowners insurance coverage to get.
3 Things to Remember When Buying Home Insurance
Take these three tips under advisement when you purchase coverage for your home.
More than half of employers in a recent poll indicated that they have hired someone in the past who they would consider as a "job hopper."
4 Ways to Maintain a Happy Workplace
These tips can help you keep a workforce that has no desire to go anywhere else.
There's another special sales event that takes place around this time that's getting increased attention any may at some point eclipse Black Friday in popularity: Small Business Saturday.
Take Advantage of November's Small Business Saturday
In 2013, close to $6 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, which this year falls on Nov. 29.
According to polling data from the Insurance Information Institute, roughly 95% of all mortgage owners have homeowners insurance.
Why It Pays To Be Consultative Before Buying Insurance
Because insurance is an investment that can wind up saving consumers thousands of dollars, it stand to reason that individuals be consultative in their approach.
In an effort to get more individuals to come to a complete stop when they're approaching an intersection, a number of towns and cities have turned to red-light cameras.
NCSR: Red-Light Cameras Resulting in Fewer Moving Violations
The National Coalition for Safer Roads says close to 90% of people cited for running a red light last year weren't fined for doing it again.
Among small business owners exclusively, more than $35 billion is spent annually to settle civil suits.
4 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit
More than 15 million lawsuits are filed in the country each year, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
When it comes to which consumers are the most common purchasers of new vehicles, baby boomers tend to buy more all-new cars than their younger counterparts, based on the results of a new survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates.
Baby Boomers Big Buyers of New Vehicles, Report Finds
In year-to-date sales, consumers in their 50s and 60s have purchased the most new cars, according to J.D. Power and Associates.
One such career path that suits servicemen and women quite well is the insurance industry, as professionals within the profession attest.
Veterans Transitioning to an Insurance Career
Both insurers and military members are finding that service members' transition to the insurance world makes for the perfect pairing.
Despite greater awareness about Internet security and cyber attacks, hundreds of millions of consumers were affected by some form of identity theft through the first six months of 2014, according to a new report.
Nearly Half-Billion Customer Records Breached in 2014 - So Far, Report Finds
Approximately 375 million customers worldwide were affected by data theft through this year's first half, according to recent analysis.
Used car prices are projected to decline rather precipitously in the forthcoming months, largely due to the frequency with which people are buying all-new automobiles.
Used Car Prices to Lower Thanks to Surging New-Car Sales
Recent analysis indicates used car prices are anticipated to slide to levels not seen since 2008.
There are many motivations that entrepreneurs have for launching their own business, some of them being strictly economical, while others find it to be the most practical option based on their skillset.
Passionate Business Owners Biggest Predictor of Success, Study Finds
A recent report suggests that people who are passionate about their companies tend to be the most well off financially.
Virtually every state in the country has some type of distracted driving law in place, largely because the safety hazards of the practice are so serious.
Study Says Primary Enforcement is Best for Texting and Driving Bans
New research from the University of Alabama-Birmingham found the greatest reductions in highway fatalities due to distracted driving were among states that make it a primary offense.
A new report was recently released that people who are looking to buy a smaller car might want to heed.
IIHS: Small Cars Perform Poorly in Overlap Front Test
Only the Mini Cooper Countryman received a "good" rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
More Americans Delaying Entry into Real Estate Market
Zillow economists say that the age in which people become homeowners for the first time is on the ascent.
Halloween celebrations are all about having a good time, but the party can be cut short when safety isn't adhered to.
Stay Safe Trick-or-Treating this Halloween
A majority of Americans will be participating in Halloween activities this year, making it a crucial period to celebrate safely.
Of the 10 cities in the country with the highest vehicle theft rates in 2013, the Golden State represented nine of the spots, NICB revealed in its latest car theft analysis.
California Retains Title as Country's Top Spot for Car Theft
More than 15 million lawsuits are filed in the country each year, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.
As hard as it may be to believe, it's been two years since Hurricane Sandy roared ashore, the superstorm that took shape in late October and didn't let up until early November.
Fallout of Hurricane Sandy Still Felt Two Years Later
Superstorm Sandy may be a distant memory, but its effects are still being felt today.
If life were perfect, every employee you hire would be an upstanding individual who is honest to a fault.
3 Ways to Prevent Employee Dishonesty
Approximately 40% of occupational frauds are committed by employees, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
As the second half of the year plays out, the first six months were ones to remember in the natural disaster department, according to newly released details on the economic impact of environmental disasters.
Relatively Quiet First Half of 2014 for Natural Disasters
Economic losses were half of what they are normally at the year's midpoint, but Aon Benfield says the concluding six months could be a different story.
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