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One unfortunate aspect of live Christmas trees is that they're highly flammable and have been responsible for a number of homeowners insurance claims.
5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
Though rare, Christmas tree fires occur every year, but they all can be prevented with the proper fire safety awareness.
A new study reveals that sunny days have significant accident potential.
Study: Near-Collision Risk Doubles When Skies Are Clear
New analysis finds that the actions motorists take when the weather is nice out increase the chances of an accident.
In 49 of the 50 states, auto insurance isn't merely a suggestion of something to purchase that comes in handy, it's required by law.
10 Reasons Why You Need Auto Insurance
When in a sticky situation, having the right coverage in place can be a lifeline, something that you really can't afford to go without.
With one-third of Americans intending to hit the road for the holiday, inclement weather could make for a treacherous ride.
Few Motorists Prepared for Snow-Covered Holiday, New Poll Finds
Just 1 in 4 drivers has or will equip their vehicle with winter tires this year, according to a survey by Bridgestone Americas.
The percentage of uninsured motorists in the country has consistently declined over the past several years, according to the Insurance Research Council.
How to Secure the Proper Car Insurance Plan
These tips should enable you to determine what to take into consideration before buying insurance.
Fortunately, there haven't been any major winter storms during this year's holiday sales events, but if there were, having the right business owners insurance policy can provide entrepreneurs with the revenue they would have gotten had they not been forced to close their doors during the holiday rush.
Holiday Season Reminds Business Owners to Have the Right Insurance
With about a week and half remaining before the festive holiday, small business owners are pulling out all the stops in the hopes that the busy buying season will translate into big sales, as this is typically the time of year where companies go from operating in the red to the black.
Though a remodeling project can be costly, many individuals have said it made more financial sense than planning a move.
Remodeling More of a Priority Than Moving, Owners Say
A new survey indicates more than half of homeowners wanting to improve the resale value of their home don't intend to move for at least five years.
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism is cautioning parents not to let too much of the semester pass by without talking to their sons or daughters about the dangers of drinking to excess, particularly when it's combined with getting behind the wheel of a car.
Discussing College Drinking
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism advises parents to talk to their college kids about the dangers of alcohol.
Despite the frequency with which companies have been attacked by cyber criminals and the lengths some have gone to avoid a breach, many companies aren't confident that their system will work, based on a recent poll.
Cyber Security: Business Owners Not Certain About Their Data Protection System
More than half of organizations say that they don't know if they could keep their data out of the wrong hands if their security system was compromised, according to a new SafeNet poll.
While the Internet has enabled individuals and businesses to learn, grow and stay connected, it can also be used for fraudulent or deceitful purposes.
Cyber Security: 3 Information Security Laws Everyone Should Know
Often referred to as the information superhighway, the Internet is used by 2.8 billion people throughout the world and as many as 85% of the North American population, according to statistical data.
While businesses are reacting by heightening their awareness and taking steps to prepare, many are still less than confident that their protection systems will stave off a security issue of their own.
Cyber Security: More Businesses Responding to Rise in Breach Threats
Nearly 75% of companies have a data breach response plan in place, according to a new report from Experian and the Ponemon Institute.
More than 8 in 10 cyber criminals - 86% - said they're confident about never facing repercussions for computer hacking attempts, Thycotic revealed in a poll.
Most Hackers Don't Think They'll Ever Be Caught, Poll Finds
More than 80% of confessed hacktivists believe their cyber warfare actions will go unpunished, according to recent polling from Thycotic.
In a bid to lower the number of auto insurance claims that result from wildlife walking or running out into traffic, the Virginia Department of Transportation is investigating their travel patterns.
Safety Officials in Virginia Launch 3-Year Study to Reduce Wildlife Collisions
The Virginia Department of Transportation says the analysis should help reduce the number of car accidents involving animals.
Last year, nearly 54,000 Honda Accords were broken into and made off with, NICB revealed in its annual "Hot Wheels" report.
NICB: Honda Accord Most Stolen Vehicle of 2013
Two of the top 5 cars stolen in 2013 are made by Honda.
According to a recent J.D. Power and Associates study, price is the leading driver of satisfaction consumers have with their insurers.
Why You May Want to Consider Bundling Your Auto Insurance
Bundling insurance plan offerings is one of the easiest ways to save money and become more efficient.
Business owners may be able to serve as the bridge their workers need to get and stay healthy by implementing an employee wellness program.
Keep Your Workers Healthy With a Wellness Program
More employers today are implementing wellness initiatives to improve productive and cut down and absenteeism.
If you happen to own an e-commerce company, Nov. 30 has the potential to be your biggest, most profitable day of the year.
How to Get Your Company Ready for Cyber Monday
Suggestions for how to properly prepare for what is typically the biggest Internet-based shopping day on the calendar.
The signature kickoff to the holiday season has the potential to be a stellar 24-hour period for the nation's retailers, hoping to woo shoppers through their doors by enticing them with rock-bottom prices.
Retailers Prepare for Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving could be the 11th consecutive year of being store owners' biggest sales period.
Although technological advancements and hi-tech gadgetry have helped more drivers protect their vehicles from being stolen, thieves are resorting to new ways of gaining entry into secured vehicles.
NICB Issues Consumer Warning About Keyless Entry Vehicles
Thieves are catching up with the times by gaining access to cars that use keyless entry, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
Between July and September, more than 18,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were created in nearly half of the U.S.
Easy Ways Business Owners Can 'Go Green'
There are many policies entrepreneurs can implement that reduce their company's carbon footprint.
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