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Homeowners insurance companies estimate that approximately 250,000 people annually see their water pipes freeze over due to bitterly cold temperatures.
Storm Juno Reminds Homeowners to Protect Their Water Pipes From Freeze
Nearly a quarter million homeowners experience frozen pipes each year.
As a business owner, you want everything to go just as it's planned without any problems. But with the nature of life being what it is, mistakes are often made.
What is Professional Liability Coverage?
When your company is negligent for an incident that causes harm, professional liability insurance can cover your losses.
Approximately 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses took place across the country in 2013, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
3 Workplace Tips to Prevent Injury During the Winter
The cold and slippery conditions that are part and parcel of the winter season can increase the risk of injury and illness.
If there is an energy facility near you, the U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released a web tool that can help determine whether its located in a flood zone.
EIA Releases Flood Vulnerability Map Web Tool
The U.S. Energy Information Administration has an online tool that allows users to see if energy infrastructure near to them is at risk for flooding.
Not only can having or maintaining good credit make it easier to be approved for a loan or mortgage, but it may also save you quite a bit on your homeowners insurance.
Homeowners' Premiums Often Two Times Higher for Consumers with Bad Credit found that people with good credit usually spend much less for coverage on their home.
Though there are a lot of advantages to owning a small business - like being able to set your own hours - few entrepreneurs are taking time out for themselves.
Poll: Business Owners Say They Rarely Vacation
Approximately 60% of small business owners say they take just five days off per year, according to an OnDeck survey.
If you're considering sending your son or daughter to a private institution, you may be wondering about some of the factors to weigh in order to decide what school is the best option.
5 Tips for Choosing a Private School
If you've decided private school to be the best option, these tips can help you narrow down the field.
Roughly 27% of the U.S. adult population are comprised of millennials.
Millennials' Insurance Needs
The up and coming generation has arrived, who now have insurance needs as adults with families of their own.
Approximately half of Americans say they recycle around three-quarters of all goods that are recyclable, according to a new poll from Kelton Global.
Why Business Owners May Want to Make 'Going Green' a New Year's Resolution
Half of Americans say they recycle 3 in every 4 recyclable items, suggesting that the environment is a top concern for many consumers.
Liability is the main portion of an auto insurance plan that covers what repairs may be in order after an accident that you're responsible for.
What is Vehicle Liability Insurance?
The liability portion of auto insurance provides you with coverage after an accident that you may have caused.
Based on a survey commissioned by Fannie Mae, a substantial number of mortgage executives for large lenders say they've eased credit standards as of late and that this trend will likely continue in 2015.
Credit Standards to Ease, Lenders Suggest
Perhaps in an effort to encourage buying, many mortgage companies say they're loosening the reins on loan qualification, according to a survey by Fannie Mae.
 Based on a recent poll, a substantial number of Americans say that they would pay more for a residence than they originally intended if they found a home that they knew was for them.
Many Willing to Spend More for the Right Home, Poll Finds
1 in 5 current homeowners went over budget on their residence because they liked it so much, according to a survey from BMO Harris Bank.
Last year alone, over 119,000 Americans required medical treatment after sustaining an injury while removing snow, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
How to Remove Snow the Right Way
More than 119,000 Americans were injuries last year during snow removal activities, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
 Based on a new survey, many workers are engaging in file-sharing practices that put their employers at risk of data theft or liability.
Employees Admit to 'Frequent' Risky File-sharing Behavior
More than 60% of workers say they've shared documents with someone they weren't supposed to.
In the U.S. alone, retail theft - colloquially known as "shrink," which comprises shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud as well as administrative errors - cost businesses approximately $42 billion last year, according to newly released statistics from Checkpoint Systems.
Employee Theft Cuts into Business Owners' Profits
More than 40% of retail crime is attributable to employees stealing, according to new data from Checkpoint Systems.
Sales of all-new cars and trucks is forecast to total 17 million over the next 12 months, a near 3% uptick from 2014, according to estimates made by online car buying and selling platform TrueCar.
New-car Sales to Flourish in 2015
Two recently released reports suggest that new-car purchases will reach right around 17 million in the new year, due largely to the improving state of the economy.
If you're looking for the state where natural hazards are fairly few and far between, Michigan may be your best bet, according to newly released data.
Michigan Carries Lowest Risk for Property Damage Loss, Study Finds
The Wolverine State is the least likely in the U.S. for damaging natural disasters to take place, according to a new report from CoreLogic.
Warnings about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption are getting through to young people, as new statistics indicate that underage drinking among the country's youth is down substantially.
Underage Drinking Drops Substantially
About 1.5 million fewer kids between 12 and 17 had an intoxicating beverage in the past month compared to study done 10 years ago, according to a study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
As with previous years, recent wildfire occurrences were largely confined to the Pacific Northwest, but even here, a fairly limited amount of acreage was consumed, comparatively speaking.
Off Year for Wildfire Activity, New Numbers Show
Less than 38,500 wildfires occurred in the U.S. through September, making it one of the quietest years in recent memory.
When hosting a party with loved ones, it's very important to ensure that everyone who comes is safe so that everyone gets through the night with their well-being fully intact.
3 Safety Tips Every New Year's Party Host Should Heed
The following tips are some of the ways you can avoid liability and a potential homeowners insurance claim when hosting a gathering to celebrate the new year. 
Real estate near the ocean not only makes for a beautiful sight, but residences tend to be much more valuable compared to properties inland.
Study: Waterfront Real Estate Prices Double that of Inland Residences
The median value of properties near to an ocean or lake is two times higher than non-waterfront homes, Zillow recently found.
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