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According to the National Fire Protection Association, dinner preparation is one of the more common sources of homeowners insurance losses.
Cooking safely this Easter Sunday
Fires in the kitchen are the main cause of residential fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
South Dakota is trying to become the latest one to pass a ban that would prevent motorists from texting while behind the wheel.
Attempt to ban texting and driving
South Dakota could be the 42nd state to prohibit motorists from texting.
He added that to prevent kids from being injured in shopping carts - which typically occurs when the carriages tip over - it's high time that shopping cart safety standards be strengthened.
Shopping-cart injuries among children common
A new report indicates that 24,000 kids are seriously hurt each year by a shopping cart.
Something else to be mindful of is the payment total as listed on the W-2 and one's pay stub for 2013, which should have a final number for how much income was earned last year.
Tax filing tips for procrastinators
The American Payroll Association offers some last-minute recommendations for completing income tax returns.
Many company managers may make volunteer opportunities available for their workers.
Volunteering a focus for millions of Americans
More than one-quarter of adults in the U.S. made their services available in 2012 without being compensated, according to a recent report.
For those who enjoy the outdoors, a preferred vehicle purchase is the sport-utility vehicle.
2014's best SUVs for the money
Kelley Blue Book indicates that the Honda CR-V is the best SUV to buy that's less than $25,000.
Information security experts say that these attempts will continue to be made, something that business owners can't afford to have happen to them.
Despite concern, few working to prevent data breach
The Target breach hasn't resulted in people being more conscientious about their financial dealings, according to an AP-GfK poll.
Generation Y - defined as individuals born somewhere between the mid-1970s and the early-to- mid-1990s - are showing a high degree of attraction for vehicles.
Vehicle ownership intrigue rises among ages 40 and under
A Deloitte report suggests that Generation Y is particularly enthralled with the idea of buying or leasing a car.
Additionally, there was a 2% decline in crash injuries that required medical attention.
Traffic deaths drop in 2013, preliminary numbers show
Early estimates suggest fewer people died on the roads last year, according to analysis from the National Safety Council.
Approximately 50% of respondents to a survey performed by staffing service firm OfficeTeam indicated that their "lunch hour" is more often than not 30 minutes in overall length.
Most Americans lunch at work for 30 minutes or less
Only 38% of workers say their lunch hour is in reality 60 minutes, according to an OfficeTeam poll.
Many Americans expect homes to become more equipped with smart technology, or interfaces that allow consumers to access the Internet through devices like televisions, DVD players, home security systems and thermostats.
Embracing a world of 'Internet of Everything'
A new survey indicates that U.S. consumers anticipate more of their world being connected with the World Wide Web.
In 2013, more than 3.5 million cars were sold via the Internet that had an open recall order in effect.
Millions of cars purchased by consumers in 2013 had open recalls
Carfax says that 3.5 million vehicles were sold via the Internet in 2013 that were subject to a recall order.
Roughly two months into the study, the vast majority of workers had little to no pain symptoms stemming from typing.
Ergonomic keyboards no better than standard
A University of Pittsburgh professor finds that keyboards meant to be easier on the joints aren't much better than the normal kind.
He added that this most recent analysis provides an alternative view, suggesting that women like to instill a sense of life into their vehicles, as they also tend to be more likely to attach a gender to them, typically being male.
Meet Betsy – April Fools or not?
Roughly one-fifth of consumers give their vehicles a name, typically starting with the letter 'B.'
And, in the short amount of time that 2014 has been here, news headlines have been chock full of examples for why readiness is a key component of motor vehicle operation.
Massive accidents calls for motorists to drive prepared
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has assembled some suggestions for how to be ready when there's an emergency on the roads.
Though it may come as a surprise, the U.S. is one of the few high income countries where paid vacation time is not a requirement.
Few doctors get four weeks of vacation
Radiologists and anesthesiologists are the only doctors where at least half get to enjoy four weeks of time off from work, according to a new survey.
According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, roughly 5% of revenues that organizations lose each year stems from fraud, including occupational fraud.
Business owners rarely report employee crime to police
A new University of Cincinnati study finds that only 16% of small business owners utilize law enforcement when a worker steals from the company.
The report also indicated that roughly 50% of the chicken breasts that were sampled had one or more strands of bacterium that were resistant to multiple types of antibiotics.
Consumer Reports indicates food-borne illness found on nearly all chicken breasts
More than nine in 10 of the chicken breasts analyzed by Consumer Reports tested positive for bacteria late last year, all of which were purchased at grocery stores.
As a general rule, new cars can be more expensive to insure than pre-owned vehicles.
New car sales in 2014 expected to outpace a strong 2013
Kelley Blue Book predicts that more than 16 million new cars will be sold this year.
This survey captures a sentiment we often encounter - that consumers want insurance education, but often don't know where to begin.
Newlywed discrepancies regarding insurance
The National Association of Insurance Commissioner releases a guide to help couples mine through insurance matters.
This past year was one of the least-active hurricane seasons in recent memory, with only 13 named storms forming, two of which became hurricanes.
Researchers say sea-level rise guaranteed to affect flooding
Virginia Tech analysts indicate that more of a focus needs to be put on how sea levels have already swelled, rather than their potential to.
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