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Children are involved in 17% of pedestrian fatalities.
GHSA Releases Sobering Stats On Pedestrian Fatalities
Over 2,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. between January and June 2014, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.
Roof damage is not one of those maintenance issues that can be put off to another time.
Roof Damaged? Don't Wait To Have It Fixed
If your roof needs to be repaired, procrastinating will only make things worse.
There are plenty of good reasons for filing a tax deadline extension if you're not ready.
3 Good Reasons For Filing A Tax Extension Request
There are lots of legitimate justifications for pushing back your filing deadline.
By being proactive, you as a business owner can prevent workplace injuries.
Basic Tips On How To Avoid Workplace Injuries
Being proactive about safety at the job site can help business owners avoid absenteeism and injury.
A new study from the U.S. Department of Education says that graduation rates are improving in the country, across all races and ethnicities.
Graduation Rates Improving Across The Board
Particularly among low-income communities, America's student body is making the grade, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Education.
Your spring cleaning routine should include getting your car back in gear by decontaminating it of winter's remnants.
Spring Cleaning Your Car
Get and keeping your vehicle clean is a key part of automotive maintenance.
Winter 'froze' business activity for many companies this past year.
Winter Puts The Chill On Businesses This Year
New polling data as well as lagging jobs numbers demonstrate what businesses went through this past winter.
At least 10,000 people die every year due to drunk driving, a toll safety officials say is far too high.
US Winning Drunk Driving Battle, But War Rages On
Driver intoxication has fallen in frequency, but at least 10,000 people still die from it every year.
Texas A&M University researchers say that because of urbanization, there's a greater risk for more frequent flood events.
Flood Risk Higher, With Or Without Climate Change
Researchers from Texas A&M University say that because of increased urbanization, its led to greater flood exposure.
Financial literacy is something that many Americans don't get a passing grade in, according to a recent report.
Financial Savvy Limited For Many Americans, Study Suggests
Only 1 in 3 responded to all three questions on finances correctly, according to a recent analysis conducted by University of Pennsylvania researchers.
Ford has issued a recall order on 213,000 SUVs due to an interior problem affecting the door handles.
Door Handle Malfunction Prompts Massive Recall
Ford is recalling approximately 213,000 Ford Explorers and Ford Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles built between 2011 and 2013 for an interior door handle problem.
Get your lawn ready for the warm weather season with these mowing recommendations.
Lawn Care Tips for Spring Mowing
April showers are sure to bring May flowers, not to mention growing grass that you'll be needing to cut.
Red light cameras are used to at least some degree in 21 states.
Survey: Drivers Behind Red Light Camera Use, Oppose Speed Cameras
A majority of Americans are in favor of cameras being used at intersections, but are against ones that monitor speed, according to a new poll.
You may hear some tall tales today, but these insurance policies are all true.
3 Extraordinary Insurance Coverages You Didn't Know Existed
Valuables come in all shapes and sizes, and there's a good chance a policy is out there that covers them.
A new study suggests that falling gas prices leads to more crashes on the nation's roads.
Study Ties Lower Gas Prices To Greater Accident Potential
Research out of South Dakota State University suggests that as gas prices go down, automotive crashes tend to rise.
Making out a checklist is a great way to determine if job candidates are a good fit.
4 Factors To Help You Find The Right Hire
With the economy on the move and job sentiment improving, these guidelines can help ensure you pick the right candidate for an open position.
There are 28 million small businesses in the United States.
Paying Tribute To The 'Mom And Pop' Business Owner
March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, making it the perfect time to review your business owner insurance policy.
If you're driving, don't risk going down a street that's flooded.
The Big Meltdown: Dealing With Standing Water
Winter's wrath and spring rains could make for localized flooding issues out on the roads.
New data from the Insurance Research Council helps to further establish how insurance fraud hurts everyone in the wallet.
When Insurance Fraud Wins, Everyone Loses
Fraud and buildup add $7.7 billion in excess auto insurance claims, according to a new study from the Insurance Information Institute.
The moving violation performed and where it takes place both have an impact on how much insurance premiums increase, according to a recent study.
How Moving Violations Can Affect Auto Insurance Premiums
In Hawaii, reckless driving can increase premiums by nearly 290%, according to Quadrant Information Services.
If it's been a year since you've replaced your alarms' batteries, switch them out when you turn the clocks ahead an hour this weekend.
Check Your Alarms When Changing The Clocks
Make it a tradition to check your home's fire and carbon monoxide alarms whenever the clocks 'spring forward.'
Homeowners who have their siding replaced are forecast to recoup 80% of what they spend to have the project done.
Ringing In Spring With Home Upkeep Projects
Be it minor or major, renovation can bring a big return on homeowners' investment.
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