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NHTSA: 11,000 Tire-Related Crashes Occur in U.S. Annually
NHTSA: 11,000 Tire-Related Crashes Occur in U.S. Annually
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently initiated its TireWise campaign, helping drivers learn more about proper tire maintenance.
Business owners confirm email is still one of the most important functions in the office
Business Owners Point to Email as Most Effective Means of Communication
Nearly 85% of managers say email is the best way to keep customers engaged.
As the summer heats up, remember the dangers of leaving children in hot cars
NHTSA Reminds Parents to Keep Kids Out of Hot Cars
Dozens of children in the U.S. died last year of heat stroke after being mistakenly left behind inside a hot automobile.
When it comes to buying cars, moms have the final say
Survey: Moms Say They Decide What Car the Family Gets
A new survey indicates that the matriarch of the family usually has the last word on the car that's bought.
A new report shows that more people are getting on their bikes to get to work
Americans Riding Bicycles to Get to Work
A new Census Bureau report finds that a higher percentage of people are taking their bike to the office.
The cost of food spoilage can be surprisingly high after a power outage, many homeowners have found.
Poll: Food Spoilage Biggest Cost for Consumers After Lengthy Outage
The most common added cost after a blackout is replacing food that's gone bad, according to a Harris Interactive survey.
Further evidence has emerged that climate change is threat the world needs to take seriously.
National Climate Assessment Calls for Immediate Action
A new government report says that climate change is a clear and present danger.
Car accidents cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars every year.
NHTSA: Car Crashes Cost $871 billion
More than three-quarters of a trillion dollars is attributable to motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
A new report from a leading home safety group suggests homeowners can do more to protect themselves against natural disasters.
Non-Profit Group Says U.S. Homes Should be More Disaster-Resistant
The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes recently issued recommendations on how to improve building codes.
Experts say there's no excuse for not installing or using a fire sprinkler system
Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives and Homes
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety says homeowners should consider installing a sprinkler system, as the benefits can be significant.
A new study shows the importance of treating even minor pain soon after a car accident.
Study Suggests Even Minor Pain Following Car Crash Needs to be Treated Early
Researchers from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill recently found that instead of minor injuries getting better over time, they can get worse if not treated effectively at the outset.
Millennials are currently the generation most engaged in the homebuying process, according to a new report.
Many Millennials Looking to Become Homeowners
A new poll reveals that young people are among the most engaged consumers in the home purchase market.
Car shoppers remember well when a brand is involved in a recall, a new report has confirmed.
Poll: Toyota Top Brand Referenced for New-Car Shoppers Who Remember Recall
Kelley Blue Book finds that some recalls are more memorable for buyers.
A new poll shows many doctors believe their peers perform more tests than necessary.
Poll: Physicians Say Contemporaries Routinely Order Unnecessary Tests
As a hedge against liability, doctors say superfluous procedures are performed.
Experts say that buckling up is one way to prevent kidney damage from car accidents
Kidney Injuries Prevented with Seatbelt, Airbag Use
New findings from the American Urological Association reveal that buckling up and airbag technology are key to avoiding kidney damage after a crash.
A new poll shows that texting hasn't fallen by the wayside completely, and calls are still the norm.
People Still Call More Than Text, Poll Suggests
When in-person conversations can't be had, consumers say they'd rather call than text.
Many Americans think hands-free devices are safer to use behind the wheel then they really may be.
Do Hands-Free Devices Make Driving Safer?
A new National Safety Council survey reveals how many people are under the wrong impression about hands-free technology.
Fire damages costs have been rising for more than 30 years, according to a new report from the NFPA.
NFPA: Fire Damage Expenses Up Significantly Since 1980
The National Fire Protection Association says the total cost of fires in the U.S. has increased by 34% in the past three decades.
Anyone looking for a good car for under $8,000 should check out the most recent Kelley Blue Book.
Supply of Affordable Priced Cars Grows
Kelley Blue Book recently named the best cars that sell for less than $8,000.
When it comes to more time or more money, most Americans would take a bigger check over more personal time.
Pay Raise vs. Vacation Time?
An overwhelming majority of Americans say that they'd rather be compensated more robustly than additional time to themselves.
Despite many teens believing texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than skydiving, many still do it.
Texting and Driving Habits of Teens
Notwithstanding the dangers, many teens still text and drive, according to new polling data.
This year's Kelley Blue Book outlines the greenest cars on the market today.
'Greenest' Cars of 2014
Kelley Blue Book says fuel-efficient buyers can't go wrong with the 2014 BMW i3.
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