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Despite many teens believing texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than skydiving, many still do it.
Texting and Driving Habits of Teens
Notwithstanding the dangers, many teens still text and drive, according to new polling data.
This year's Kelley Blue Book outlines the greenest cars on the market today.
'Greenest' Cars of 2014
Kelley Blue Book says fuel-efficient buyers can't go wrong with the 2014 BMW i3.
Americans may not have a very clear idea of what leads to a mandatory evacuation.
Determining Factors in a Hurricane Evacuation
8 in 10 Americans incorrectly believe that evacuation boundaries are affected by hurricane category, according to a FLASH survey.
For those who are number savvy, a career as a mathematician is looking like a good choice.
2014's Best Job Is…
Mathematician has been declared 2014's best job. The growth rate for math teachers is expected to surge 23% by 2022, according to a new CareerCast report.
Americans 'Going Green' When Remodeling
Americans 'Going Green' When Remodeling
A survey done by the National Association of Home Builders finds that remodelers are increasingly doing projects that improve home efficiency.
When Sandy knocked out power to millions for weeks on end, it became apparent how important generators were
The Biggest Lesson Learned from Hurricane Sandy
Three-quarters of residents affected by Sandy lost their power for at least a day, making life quite difficult for those who didn't have a backup power supply.
A new report has found that smartphone theft is a growing concern around the country.
Smartphone Theft On The Rise
Consumer Reports says 3.1 million smartphones were stolen last year, twice the rate of 2012.
A large number of Americans are learning about new auto technologies by renting cars.
Poll: Most experience new automobile technologies for first time in rental cars
Half of consumers say that they got their first taste of new automotive systems after renting a car.
The American Kennel Club is reminding the country to keep pet fire safety in mind.
Keep your pet protected this 'Pet Fire Safety Day'
Approximately a half-million pets are affected by a fire in the home each year, according to the American Kennel Club.
There are a lot of advantages to owning a used car, one of them being that policyholders can traditionally save on their auto insurance premiums.
What used cars to avoid
Consumer Reports recently put together a list of used vehicles to steer clear of and what serve as good alternatives.
A large number of Americans are learning about new auto technologies by renting cars.
Poll: Car Buyers Opting out of Test Drives
Half of consumers say that they got their first taste of new automotive systems after renting a car.
In a test asking respondents some basic questions about rental laws, roughly 47% of tenants and approximately half of landlords, on average, answered the queries incorrectly.
Poll: Rental laws still unclear
Approximately two-thirds of renters erroneously believe that their landlord can end a leasing agreement prematurely for family-related reasons, according to Zillow.
Just because a hurricane season is predicted to be weak doesn't mean the individual storms won't be powerful.
Inactive hurricane seasons have produced big storms
Safety organizations and the insurance industry remind U.S. residents that historically quiet hurricane seasons can still be damaging.
Cameras mounted on the back of cars are more effective at detecting blockages in the road than parking sensors are, according to recent analysis.
Vehicle-mounted cameras superior
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that rear cameras do a better job at reducing blind zones than parking sensors.
As car theft season draws closer, NHTSA is warning all vehicle owners to take caution.
Peak Season for Vehicle Theft
Peak season for cars being stolen is July and August, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
If new forecasts are correct, 2014 won't be a disastrous year when it comes to hurricanes.
2014 Hurricane Forecast Predictions
Colorado State University climatologists say 2014 could be a repeat of 2013, when hurricanes were few and far between.
Hurricane Arthur reminds business owners to prepare
Hurricane Arthur reminds business owners to prepare
Watches and warnings are in effect along the Carolinas, according to the National Weather Service.
This Independence Day, make safety a priority.
How to have an accident-free Fourth of July
Most fireworks injuries that occur each year happen around the Independence Day holiday, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
A new survey shows fewer people are shopping around for auto insurance.
Fewer consumers shopping around for auto insurance coverage
New polling data from TransUnion suggests the rate of auto insurance shopping has declined.
One of the biggest deterrents to more recycling could be a lack of appropriate bins.
Convenience an Important Factor in Recycling, Poll Finds
A new poll says that Americans might recycle more if they had a bin in every room.
There are certain parts of the country where traffic congestion is particularly high, prompting workers to give themselves plenty of extra time so that they can be more punctual.
Traffic used as justification for tardiness
A new CareerBuilder survey reveals some of the more common and unusual excuses Americans use to explain why they came in late to work.
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