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There are many different types of insurance available from Selective. The explanations below can help you understand what can be covered by different policies. Many of the coverages you need for your business can be combined into a single “Commercial Package Policy.” Your independent insurance agent can help you decide what coverages and limits will work best for you and your business.

Abuse or Molestation

Includes limited civil legal expense coverage for innocent employees and volunteers.

Businessowners Policy (BOP)

Selective’s BOP product is easy, affordable and secure. And it combines property, liability and business interruption coverages for small to medium-sized businesses in one convenient policy.

Business Income and Extra Expense

If your business must close because of physical damage from a covered cause of loss such as a fire, this type of insurance can help reimburse you for profits you lose and expenses you must continue to pay during the time that your business is interrupted.

Commercial Auto

This type of policy provides coverage for the cars, trucks or other licensed vehicles owned or leased by your business if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss. This type of insurance can also provide liability coverage for damage or injuries caused by your vehicles.


No one likes to think it can happen to them, but the assets of your business – from money to merchandise and equipment – can be vulnerable to robbery, burglary, forgery or embezzlement. You can help protect your business from these types of losses with Fidelity coverage.

Crisis Response

Provides coverage following certain crisis incidents for loss of business income sustained and extra expense incurred, such as hiring crisis management and communication consultants or group crisis counseling experts.


Security breaches can be costly for any business. CyCurity® includes electronic media liability, electronic information security, and security breach expense coverages.

Electronic Information Systems (EIS)

Provides broad and flexible protection for computerized equipment and media leased or owned by a variety of entities, from offices to municipalities to manufacturers. EIS insures exposures of small, low-value computers used in office environments to large, high-value computers housed in specially designed computer rooms.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This type of insurance can help protect you and your business if you are sued by an employee for discrimination, wrongful termination or other violations of employees’ legal rights.


We offer you and your business the peace of mind of having coverage that can help protect your business specifically for flood damage with a policy that is more affordable than you may think.

General Liability

Accidents happen…and people can be injured or their property damaged at your business location and/or as a result of your business operations. General Liability insurance can help protect you if you are legally obligated to pay for those injuries or damages.

GreenPac® Enhancement Endorsement

Provides insurance to replace your damaged or destroyed commercial property with its green or sustainable equivalent, helping you save money on energy costs and reducing your overall environmental impact.

Identity Recovery (IDR)

Provides insurance services for victims of identity theft. IDR coverage will help restore personal credit history and identity records.

Inland Marine

Inland Marine insurance can help cover a wide variety of property that may not be included in your property insurance policy, such as goods in transit, buildings under construction, equipment that moves from one job location to another and computer equipment and data.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL)

Provides coverage for your businesses – such as florists, photographers, and wedding planners – from damages and lawsuits associated with errors, omission, misrepresentation of facts, nondisclosure, or negligence in providing a service.


If your property – from a building you own to the contents of your business – is damaged or destroyed by a covered cause of loss, Property insurance can help pay for your losses.

Surety Bonds

A contract surety bond guarantees the performance of a specific obligation – from completion of a project by a contractor to guaranteeing the payment for labor and/or materials in accordance with the terms of the contract. Commercial surety bonds are required to meet hundreds of commercial obligations and include license and permit bonds, public official bonds, and fiduciary and court bonds.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Sometimes you want an extra “layer” of liability protection. An Umbrella policy from Selective can provide just that – additional liability limits above those provided by your other Selective liability policies.

Workers Compensation

This coverage can help cover the costs of medical care, rehabilitation, disability payments and death benefits for employees who are injured on the job.

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