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Types of Businesses We Insure

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Types of Hotels We Insure

  • Professionally managed resort hotels
  • Professionally managed business traveler hotels

Sleep Well…

…knowing that Selective’s hotel program is built with the varied and unique demands of your business. Our program includes coverage for your property both inside and out, and liability protection for your guests and employees. You can even add optional coverages like Reservation and Wake-up Service Liability.

Our Safety Management Specialists can provide expert service including safety inspections and help with sprinkler system maintenance and winterizing.

With Selective, you’ll have no reservations about your insurance program.

As the list below shows, Selective’s program for hotels offers a wide array of coverages to meet your specific needs. And many coverages are built in at no additional cost. Please contact your Selective agent for more information.

  • Guests’ Property On Premises (including safe deposit box)
  • Accounts Receivable, which provides coverage if your records are destroyed and you are unable to collect payment
  • Credit Card Slips
  • Accidental Discharge of Automatic Cooking Protection Systems
  • Valuable Papers and Records, which will pay you the cost to reproduce papers or records that are damaged or destroyed
  • Outdoor Signs, Fences and Landscaping
  • Ordinance or Law, which includes protection for your undamaged building, increased construction costs and demolition costs
  • Spoilage of Refrigerated Property in the event of a power failure
  • Extra Expense Insurance to help cover costs over and above normal expenses if you’re forced to rent additional equipment or space to restart or continue your operations as a result of an insured loss
  • Equipment Breakdown should an electrical or mechanical breakdown result in property damage
  • Computers and Media
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage to help cover claims arising from your business operations
  • Personal Injury Protection against claims from libel, slander, invasion of privacy and false arrest
  • Advertising Injury Liability, which helps protect you against claims that could arise from your advertising program
  • Contractual Liability for oral or written contracts in which you become involved
  • Medical Payments to help cover payments arising from injuries to others that occur on your business premises, or as a result of your business operations
  • Fire Damage Legal Liability, including fire, lightning and explosion

To help you tailor your insurance program to your individual needs, Selective offers a variety of optional coverages, including:

  • We offer you many options to individualize your program, such as:
  • Reservation and Wake-up Service Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Commercial Automobile Coverage – when purchased, the program automatically provides the following:
  • Blanket Additional Insureds
  • Hired Car Physical Damage
  • Lease Gap Coverage (not available in New York)
  • Crime Insurance
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Wide Range of Deductibles

When you purchase insurance from Selective, you get more than just a policy. Our Safety Management team offers a wide array of value added services you need to help create a safer environment for your employees and customers and to help you manage your insurance costs by reducing claims.

  • Best practices assessment/gap analysis
  • Contractual liability consultation
  • Customized workers compensation cost containment
  • Driver and fleet safety programs
  • Exposure reduction consultations
  • OSHA 30-hour training
  • Premises liability reviews
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Safety assessment and benchmarking tools
  • Sprinkler system evaluation and analysis
  • Supervisor accountability programs
  • Thermographic infrared surveys


For more information about Selective's Safety Management services, click here.

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