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On the Road Again:
Mobile Business Property Coverage

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In today’s business, mobility is king. Data and programs that used to take up an entire floor of IT machinery now reside in a smartphone or tablet. Employees who used to covet a corner office or cubicle with a view now regularly telecommute from coffees shops, airport lounges and home offices. Business is always moving. One can never predict where the next meeting might be or where the next possible sale might present itself. Smart business owners understand the importance of providing their staffs with the tools necessary to do a great job – even if it means those tools are nowhere near the office.

When the tools leave the nest, do your long-established insurance and risk management procedures follow?

Most business property policies extend coverage for business property that is moved away from the described premises. However, exceptions and limitations apply, such as the types of property covered or the requirement of separate coverage limits for property off-premises.

Perform a comprehensive review of your business and employee usage of mobile devices. Determine what coverage or risk management procedures currently apply and whether they are adequate for your existing business environment. Where needed, make the necessary updates and revisions to both coverage and procedures. Build in regular reviews to keep your solutions current for this quickly evolving mobile workplace.

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