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Business Entertaining?
Time to Set Sail!

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Many businesses look to the water instead of the traditional restaurant as a venue for social entertainment. Taking customers out on a boat instead of to a meeting room or banquet hall offers a multitude of potential advantages: more relaxed atmosphere, less crowding, fewer distractions, pure novelty, and great scenery. Depending upon the weather and location, swimming and fishing may be on the docket. Or just a sightseeing tour, with refreshments or dinner included.

If you're planning a social on the water, the key is not to let the festivities distract you from the need for safety and insurance. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind for your aquatic venture:

  • Does your safety management program assist in reducing accidents?
  • Be weather-wise. Always check before departing. If rough weather appears to be approaching, better to play it safe and stay off the water.
  • Be certain the crew is well-trained and ready to assist in emergencies.
  • Operate the boat at safe speeds.
  • Stay alert of obstacles, other watercraft, and navigational buoys.
  • Consider an alcohol-free party.
  • If alcohol is served, be sure to have plenty of food, and arrange transportation for guests who may be unable to drive themselves after returning to the dock.
  • Be certain to review your insurance coverage with your agent for any pertinent issues such as workers' compensation, liquor liability and boating liability.

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