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Store the Car, but Not the Protection

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As winter approaches, many people travel south to warmer climates, often leaving their cars in storage for the cold months. Those folks may wonder why they should keep paying for auto insurance beyond physical damage until they resume driving their cars. After all, a car in storage can’t hurt anyone, right?

Wrong. It can hurt you! There are numerous examples of people who found, to their regret, that there is always a need for proper auto liability protection. A few examples:

  • A neighbor agreed to start the garaged auto occasionally, evidently to keep the engine fluids from freezing up. The car caught fire, which spread to two neighbors' homes.
  • While in Florida, a policyholder needed to borrow a friend's car or to rent a car. He found he had no liability coverage beyond what was available from the friend (very little) or the rental agency (minimal except if elected at additional cost).
  • After returning home, a policyholder drove his stored auto for several days before remembering to call the agent and restore the missing coverage. You can guess what reminded him.

It is seldom, if ever, a good idea to remove liability coverage from a temporarily stored car. If you feel your specific situation warrants a different answer, talk with your agent.

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