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Not Just for Singing in the Rain

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Are the limits of liability on your homeowners, boat and personal auto policies adequate?

Personal excess liability policies (often referred to as personal “umbrellas”) may be your answer for increasing your current liability limits to levels more appropriate for current lawsuits and litigation.

Consider your auto protection. The majority of losses requiring excess liability limits (limits exceeding that provided by the primary auto policy) are auto related. In an auto accident, it is also much more likely the accident may include injuries to multiple people, creating multiple lawsuits.

Excess liability policies are cost-effective methods of significantly increasing limits of personal liability. While it is possible to secure such policies simply to provide excess limits exclusively to one type of loss, such as auto, it is far preferable to consider coverage that extends protection over all of your personal exposures, such as auto, watercraft, and homeowners coverage. For more information on how such limits apply in your unique situation, contact your insurance advisor today.

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