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Would You Like Auto with That
Home? Or Vice Versa?

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You have your auto, and you have your home or apartment. You understand the value of properly insuring both in case of loss or liability. But have you considered the value of combining those two typically separate policies — along with your umbrella liability, flood coverage or other personal insurance policies — into a single "personal protection" program?

While some insurance companies provide such a package as a single policy, there are definite advantages to obtaining even separate policies such as auto and homeowners or renter coverage with a single provider. These may include:

  • Multiple policy discounts on premiums.
  • Better coordination of potentially overlapping coverages.
  • Streamlined claims service.
  • Convenience in payment options.
  • Reduced gaps in protection.
  • Improved risk management procedures.
  • Better counsel from a trusted advisor who has studied and understands all of your current and planned protection needs.

If you currently have your personal insurance policies through multiple providers, consider the real advantages of combining them — plus other potentially valuable options — into a true personal protection program, all provided and regularly reviewed to keep up with your changing needs by a trusted insurance advisor. Schedule a time to talk with your agent today.

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