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7/7/2014 - 2014 Hurricane Forecast Predictions

If new forecasts are correct, 2014 won't be a disastrous year when it comes to hurricanes.

The 2013 hurricane season was known for being one of the more inactive periods for named storms in quite some time. And it looks as though it will be more of the same this year, according to some Colorado State University researchers who recently released their predictions for what to expect during the Atlantic hurricane period.

The CSU researchers forecasted that nine tropical storms will take place sometime between June and November, the traditional period in which hurricane activity tends to be the most dynamic, USA Today reported. Of these, three are expected to become hurricanes.

The textbook definition of a hurricane, as defined by the Weather Channel, is a tropical cyclone that has sustained winds gusts of at least 74 mph. Last year, there were only two named hurricanes that formed and both of those didn't affect the U.S. mainland.

Philip Klotzbach, meteorologist for CSU, indicated that the weather pattern known as El Niño is likely the main reason for why hurricane activity will likely be mild at best in 2014.

"The tropical Atlantic has ... cooled over the past several months, and the chances of a moderate to strong El Niño event this summer and fall appear to be quite high," said Klotzbach, according to the national news outlet. "Historical data indicate fewer storms form in these conditions."

Homeowners insurance claims tend to be more frequent in nature during hurricane seasons that are active. The 2013 period was the sixth-least active season since 1950, according to the Insurance Information Institute and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Meanwhile, other forecasters suggest it could, in fact, be a year in which many hurricanes take shape. Global Weather Oscillations, which bills itself as being one of the more accurate predictors for storm prevalence, indicated that as many as 17 named hurricanes could result in 2014, eight of them being hurricanes and three that could be Category 3 or higher.

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