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8/26/2014 - 3 Great Dog Breeds for Your Family

When you're choosing your next family pet, keep these dog breeds in mind.

Dogs are a "rare breed." They never fail to show the same type of unadulterated love and affection for their owners no matter how old or young they may be, especially after coming home following a long day at work.

Today is the 10th anniversary of National Dog Day. Created in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, the annual day that celebrates man's best friend was created as a fun way to pay tribute to dogs, who always seem to be after one thing more than anything else - the love and affection of their owners.

If you've been thinking about getting a dog or have always wanted one but weren't sure which type to get, the American Kennel Club has some recommendations on several people-pleasing breeds.

One of them is the Beagle. A perennial favorite on AKC's list of most-registered breeds, these pooches are often preferred by many families thanks to their friendly demeanor and gentleness around children. They also make for great hunting companions. Their super-sensitive snout is such that the U.S. Department of Agriculture often enlists the beagle's services to sniff out stolen goods or other forms of contraband.

Another great breed to consider is the Labrador Retriever. Labs are far and away the preferred breed among most Americans, consistently the No. 1 registered dog on AKC's annual list. If you've had experience with Labs, it's easy to see why, as they are a great family pet and companion for those who may be blind or hard of hearing.

If there's one dog that consistently among the elite in the Westminster Kennel Club, it's the poodle. Known for their unusual cuts, most poodles have normal-looking styles when they're groomed. And in addition to being family friendly, they don't shed, keeping your home tidy and free of pet dander.

Even the most well-trained of dogs can cause mischief, potentially resulting in damage to your property. These incidents may be covered with homeowners insurance. To find out, speak to a local Selective agent.

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