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5/3/2012 - Add outdoor home maintenance to spring cleaning to-do lists

Homeowners should look at their roof to see if there are any signs of damage.

With consumers in the midst of their spring cleaning efforts, the Insurance Information Institute recently released a web video that reminds people to practice regular home maintenance to avoid filing unnecessary homeowners insurance claims.

The group says by staying ahead on upkeep tasks, homeowners can prevent water damage and save thousands of dollars.

For example, one way to reduce the risk of flooding is to clean the home's gutters of excess buildup that may have accumulated over the winter so that they drain properly. Individuals should make sure the gutters adhere to the home as well, as heavy winds could cause them to fall if loose or improperly secured.

IBHS also suggests thoroughly inspecting the roof, looking for worn shingles or pieces that are missing, as even small entry points in the roof can cause significant damage during periods of heavy rain.

In addition, homeowners should be aware of potential sources of damage that they may not expect, such as sprinkler systems, as the water can lead to the accumulation of mold on a residence if the spray consistently hits the home.

For more tips on outdoor home maintenance, click here.

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