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4/13/2012 - Americans looking to save with energy-efficient strategies

Consumers are looking to cut their energy use.

In an effort to reduce their utility bills, a considerable number of Americans are making changes at home to become more energy efficient, a new survey indicates.

According to The Harris Poll, consumers are doing a few basic things to trim their living expenses. For example, more than eight in 10 indicated they were turning off lights and televisions when not in use, 58% said they were replacing incandescent bulbs with ones that are fluorescent and 55% said they were actively looking for ENERGY STAR labels before purchasing new appliances.

However, the poll also revealed that consumers were taking even more involved steps to trim their costs, including 37% who said they are installing programmable thermostats, 34% who are sealing gaps in floors and 28% who have replaced their old windows with energy efficient ones.

Sarah Simmons, senior research executive and industry thought leader at Harris, said more Americans are taking these steps to reduce their costs, but because of economic conditions, they are avoiding implementing more significant home renovations.

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