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10/15/2013 - Business travelers warned of latest cyber attack

Business travelers need to be wary of supposedly free Wi-Fi services at airports.

There's a new internet security threat making the rounds that could have an especially devastating effect on business owners that travel with some frequency.

According to ComputerWorld, the attack is informally known as "man in the middle" and has been primarily known to take place at airports where there's often free Wi-Fi access available. When attempting to locate an access point that users need to tap into the internet, a hacker who is in the airport has already set up an ad-hoc network that disguises itself as one that's being provided by the terminal. And once this network is clicked on, it gives the cyber criminal free rein on users' personal and professional data, which may include usernames, passwords and assorted financial information.

"You connect to one of these networks at your own peril," Corey O'Donnell, vice president of marketing at software services firm Authentium, told the news source. "And you would have no way of tracking down how you were attacked, because you would have thought you were at an ordinary hot spot connection."

ComputerWorld offers various suggestions for how the attack can be thwartedSelective offers business owners insurance protection that company managers and executives can take wherever they go. CyCurity® is the coverage entrepreneurs need to steer clear of breaches at the airport, home or anywhere in which private information is vulnerable to attack.

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