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10/28/2013 - Businessowners prioritizing eco-efficiency

Becoming more eco-friendly is a chief concern for numerous companies nationwide.

In the latest sign that business owners are putting a greater focus on going green, a substantial number of them indicate that eco-efficiency is a top priority in their everyday dealings.

According to a poll administered by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, approximately 52% of respondents say that eco-efficiency is a prime consideration for them, striving to put a greater emphasis on making as little of an environmental impact on the Earth as possible while being involved in the commerce process.

Don Reed, managing director of sustainable business solutions at PwC, indicated that company managers are finding cost savings by being more green-friendly.

"Eco-efficiency has traditionally been thought of as energy only, but companies that employ a broader strategy are finding opportunities to reduce costs and impacts for other expenses such as fuel, waste, packaging, and water," said Reed. "By identifying opportunities across the full organization and taking advantage of the financial incentives offered by governments and utilities, companies can quickly realize direct and indirect financial savings."

Selective well understands how important efficiency is for managers and entrepreneurs. That's why GreenPac® has proven to be a popular businessowners insurance option. After sustaining a loss, owners are able to replace what's been damaged with its green or sustainable equivalent.

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