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4/30/2013 - Can I take that back?

Numerous Americans have noted they’ve made mistakes with their personal finances.

It appears that many Americans today have made some monetary decisions that they would take back if they had the ability to do so.

The poll, which was conducted by Harris Interactive at the direction of discount website, found that approximately half of respondents said that they had made a financial move in the past that they would undo if given the chance. When asked to give specific examples, about one in every three said that they would use a coupon, one-quarter of participants said that they would have avoided overdrawing on their bank or checking account and 20% said that they would tried to have paid off their credit card on time rather than past its due date.

Jackie Warrick, senior savings adviser at, indicated that people shouldn't beat themselves up over financial gaffes.

"Amid the hectic pace of everyday life, financial slip-ups are bound to happen," said Warrick. "What's most important is for consumers to be well-educated on money matters and prevent small mishaps from affecting their long-term financial health."

Other errors in judgment respondents cited included making late payments on ritualistic expenses, such as auto insurance, utilities and rent.

Some of consumers' financial faux pas may have something to do with their inability to prepare for what's to come. In a separate survey that was also conducted by Harris, of the more than 1,500 Americans over the age of 25 polled, about two-thirds said that they didn't ready themselves for financial issues and could use some advice on how to improve.

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