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9/26/2012 - Car buyers detail the worst (and best) parts about buying a car

Haggling over prices is the least enjoyable part of car buying.

From deciding on what type of car to buy, where to purchase a vehicle from, whether to buy or lease a vehicle or what type of auto insurance plan to get, there's no shortage of things to consider when car shopping. While some of these car-buying considerations may not exactly be enjoyable, nothing is worse than the process involved in negotiating a fair price, a new survey indicates.

According to a recent consumer poll conducted by, more than half - 57% - said that haggling in order to obtain a reasonable price on a new car was the aspect of automotive shopping those respondents least enjoyed. They were also not particularly partial to arranging financing or obtaining the lowest possible interest rate, as these were considered the second and third worst elements of car shopping.

There were some components to car shopping that buyers were generally amenable to, though. At 66%, the best part of buying a car was the process involved in researching various makes and models. In a distant second was test driving at 15%.

To make things as enjoyable as possible, automotive experts at the financing firm said consumers should do their homework long before they visit a dealership, researching the car they may be interested in buying and seeing if they may be able to apply for a loan.

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