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5/5/2014 - Celebrate Cinco de Mayo responsibly, MADD advises

Cinco de Mayo - like many other days of observance - is often associated with drinking.

Today is May 5, perhaps best known for being a day to celebrate Mexican heritage culture as Cinco de Mayo. Back in 1862, approximately 4,500 soldiers fought for their freedom in the Battle of the Puebla - and did so victoriously.

With some 35 million residents in the U.S. with Mexican descent, the holiday is celebrated far and wide. However, it's also recognized by individuals of all ethnicities and backgrounds, as demonstrated through party gatherings. And, it's at these events where alcohol is traditionally served, as Cinco de Mayo - like many other days of observance - is often associated with drinking.

With this in mind, Mother's Against Drunk Driving has put together a list of safety recommendations to ensure that those taking part in Cinco de Mayo festivities do so responsibly, as every year, many auto insurance claims are filed due to accidents resulting from intoxicated motor vehicle operation.

First and foremost is to have designated driver. This is the best way to guarantee that alcohol isn't a factor so everyone can get home safely.

Some people, however, may not plan ahead, opting instead to drive themselves because they didn't have too much to drink. Safety officials say it's far better to err on the side of caution and ask a friend if they'd be willing to drive you home. Or, alternatively, staying the night at a friend's house may be the best option.

Mass transit is a smart move to make as well, MADD advised. Most cities have public transportation systems, which serves as a great way to avoid the roads entirely on a night in which drivers may be behind the wheel when they shouldn't be.

For more information on how responsible motor vehicle operation can help lower your auto insurance bill, be sure to talk to your local Selective agent.

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