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8/30/2013 - Celebrations of Summer

The dangers of some summer staples.

With Labor Day here, it signals that the warm weather is on the cusp of wrapping up. As a recent poll from product intelligence firm Mintel reveals, Americans celebrated this summer the best way they knew how- by grilling, attending firework displays and enjoying time with friends and relatives.

Over the past two years, the average grill owner fired up their grill about three times each week, as the summer traditionally ignites the height of outdoor grilling season. As for which type of grill they prefer, about 50% opt for gas whereas 36% lean toward charcoal.

In addition, traditional summer food was grilled for both lunch and dinner occasions.  Mintel reveals that 91% of American grill owners most commonly served hamburgers, followed by steak, chicken and hot dogs.

Other common summer traditions included Fourth of July celebrations and firework displays.  Mintel reported that nearly one-third of Americans attended a Fourth of July party, with one in five making a special dish of some kind.  As is typical, many Americans attended fireworks displays, whether in the beginning, middle or end of the summer season. But the National Fire Protection Association has been on a campaign since the beginning of the year to encourage consumers to actually go to these displays rather than launch fireworks of their own. In 2011, fireworks caused 17,800 fires, nearly 1,200 of them affecting homes and businesses, resulting in millions of dollars in property insurance losses.  So as we wrap up the summer season with Labor Day celebrations, individuals are urged to be cognizant of the dangers involved in the use of consumer fireworks.

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