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7/5/2011 - names Selective as one of top homeowners insurance carriers

Homeowners may be able to cut their insurance payments by shopping around.

According to the CEO of a non-profit consumer organization, policyholders may be able to save hundreds of dollars on homeowners insurance by switching providers.

In a recent interview with Philadelphia news station WPVI, Robert Krughoff, president and CEO of the consumer organization, said people can pay up to $300 to $500 less on their insurance premiums if they shop around.

The company made this determination after comparing premiums prices for a wood-framed house in the city and suburbs of the Delaware Valley area. The company also asked policyholders and contractors to rate the services of different insurers. Krughoff told the station that one insurer was charging more than twice what another insurance company was charging for a similar home.

Krughoff also told WPVI what companies offered more competitive rates as compared to the largest insurance companies, specifying Selective as one of the top homeowners insurance carriers.

A.M. Best ranks Selective as the 50th largest property and casualty insurance group in the U.S., with nearly 1,000 agents in 22 states. To find out if Selective offers homeowners insurance in your state, find a Selective agent near you today. Or, click here to learn more about homeowners insurance from Selective.

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