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12/10/2013 - Consumers expect strong service from e-retailers

Shoppers are searching for more options from internet companies.

With each passing year, it seems as though more businesses are popping up that sell either exclusively via the world wide web or at least conduct a portion of sales through the internet. As a result, more consumers are expecting certain services in order for these companies to win their loyalty and patronage, a new survey suggests.

According to the study, which was conducted jointly by business analytics firm comScore as well as packaging and freight company UPS, consumers not only want more information from online retailers about specific products and services, but they also desire to be provided this data at various points in the shopping experience, such as checkout and delivery. Additionally, they're looking for certain services, such as free shipping and an ability to access these retail-based websites on the go, through their tablet device or smartphone, for example.

"This study highlights the critical three Cs of today's retail online customer experience - channels, choices and convenience," said Nicolas Dorget, vice president of customer solutions for the Canada division of UPS. "Retailers can win shoppers over by providing a consistent and positive omnichannel experience."

He added that, when it comes right down to it, many shoppers automatically assume that they'll have a seamless purchase process from beginning to end. By giving consumers what they've come to expect, retailers can win the loyalty of the customers they're looking to inform.

Internet companies have largely succeeded in this goal. In partnership with, the National Retail Federation recently released its list of e-retailers that were the most popular with the buying public.

With every retailer looking to win the trust and loyalty of its customer base, the last thing they should have to worry about is businessowners insurance. Selective provides companies with the protection they need in the event of a loss, so that they can keep their focus on ensuring the satisfaction of clientele.

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