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2/3/2014 - Consumers prefer in-person shopping to web-based

The poll also revealed that there's something consumers find to be special about buying local.

With the holidays behind us, reports are now being released announcing the banner sales events the majority of online retailers experienced this past Christmas - with some $1.7 billion being spent by consumers from the comfort of their home computer - according to digital analytics firm comScore.

Buying merchandise in person remains the most favored way in which consumers like to shop, according to the results of a new survey.

Commissioned by chain retail store Family Dollar, and conducted by Braun Research, the poll questioned approximately 1,000 adults, all of whom lived in the United States and ranged in ages between 18 and 84. Seven in 10 described themselves as "in-person shoppers." The remaining 30% considered themselves to be "online shoppers," preferring to point and click rather than experience what they are about to buy first-hand.

Additionally, the poll also revealed that there's something consumers find to be special about buying local. For example, during the holiday season, more than 90% of respondents said that they considered it to be more important to spend time at home - patronizing local retailers - rather than to be on the road traveling.

As for what motivates consumers to buy, the biggest drivers were discounts, availability of coupons and a generous assortment of merchandise. This was found among holiday shoppers, specifically in regards to stocking stuffers, according to the Family Dollar poll.

While business owners insurance is an important coverage to have both for online and brick-and-mortar retailers, it's particularly vital for the latter, seeing as this is where most consumers get their shopping done and face-to-face interaction takes place.

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