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12/6/2012 - Dryer fire losses north of $35 million

Dryer fires lead to millions of dollars in losses annually.

An appliance fixture that's found in many homes and apartment buildings is also the cause of a considerable number of fires each year.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 2,900 clothes dryer fires occur in residential buildings each year, resulting in an estimated 100 injuries and as much as $35 million in property insurance losses.

The report, "Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings," is based on the most recent statistics available between 2008 and 2010, culled from the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

The analysis also detailed how these fires typically occurred. Approximately one in every three - 34% - were spawned because the dryers had not been cleaned properly, such as by removing the lint from the lint trap.

Though these fires occasionally spread to other parts of the building, USFA adds that they were typically relegated to the objects that originally became ablaze, like clothing.  Interestingly, a considerable portion of the fires that occurred from dryers were at a particular time in the day. USFA says that generally between 1 p.m. was the peak time in which these blazes took place.

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