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7/25/2013 - Economy not changing travel plans for most drivers this summer

Traveling will remain as popular as ever this summer, despite stagnant economic conditions for many consumers.

Though gas prices have routinely had at least some effect on a portion of Americans with respect to driving in the summer, a new poll suggests it hasn't been a deciding issue for most travelers in 2013.

According to the survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive, approximately 43% of respondents said that gas prices and other factors involving the economy have not played a major role in determining whether they will hit the roads while the temperatures are warm. Meanwhile, slightly more than one-third - 34% - say that financial conditions have had at least some impact on their traveling frequency.

What also appears to have had an impact on driving this summer is if respondents had children living at home. Harris revealed that among those who had a child under 18 in the house, they were more likely to have gone on an extended holiday, or if they haven't already, anticipate doing so.

Many Americans make summer travel a part of their yearly rituals. However, if motorists wind up nixing a trip that they have taken routinely in the past, that may translate into auto insurance savings when there's an appreciable difference in miles traveled. Policyholders may want to inquire with their insurer about how they can go about this savings strategy.

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