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10/11/2013 - Employers expected to hire more, but with some reservations

Slow but steady hiring among employers throughout the nation is expected to occur in the latter half of 2013.

As the fourth quarter of the year begins, hiring among business owners is expected to increase - but primarily in the form of taking on more short-term workers.

Conducted by Harris Interactive, a new poll commissioned by online employment search engine CareerBuilder reveals that temporary and contract hiring is anticipated to rise by 10% when contrasted with the same period in 2012.

Matt Ferguson, CEO of the Chicago-based website, pointed out that employers are trying to be cautious and proactive at the same time when it comes to growing their companies.

"[Business owners] are adding more employees to keep pace with demand for their products and services, but they're not rushing into a full-scale expansion of headcount in light of economic headwinds that still linger today," said Ferguson.

He added that the projected surge between now and the end of September is "evidence of both a growing confidence in the market and a recession-induced hesitation" not to go overboard with regards to increasing the size of an employee base.

Businessowners insurance adjustments may need to be made when more employees are added to payroll. Company managers should also be clear about the insurance effects of hiring part-time or temporary workers rather than full-time.

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