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7/26/2013 - FBI: Fewer property crimes committed in 2012

Fewer property crimes occurred in 2012 compared to a year earlier, an FBI report found.

With many families away from their home and out on the beach or on vacation, theft and home invasions tend to increase this time of year. But according to data recently released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, property crimes fell rather significantly in 2012.

In the FBI's Preliminary Uniform Crime Report, on a national level, property crime offenses fell nearly 4% in 2012 when contrasted with the previous year, with some of the biggest reductions coming in major metropolitan statistical areas. When only these are taken into consideration, there was a 7% slip in burglary-related incidents. As a general rule, most homeowners and renters insurance policies provide for theft of belongings under the personal property section of these plans.

However, motor vehicle theft experienced an uptick in crime. The FBI reports that these incidents increased approximately 5% in cities with between 250,000 and 500,000 inhabitants. However, in metropolitan areas with population levels over 1 million, the incident reports fell by just over 5%.

Auto insurance plans cover automotive theft, but it's not included on most standard policies. Motorists should be sure to ask for comprehensive coverage when updating or purchasing a plan for the first time.

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