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9/4/2012 - Floridians look back 20 years after Hurricane Andrew came ashore

Hurricane Andrew left behind severe damage in Florida.

As homeowners and business owners recall the 20-year anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, longtime Florida residents are reflecting on the devastation and destruction that the storm wrought, as well as the proactive measures that it helped bring about.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Hurricane Andrew resulted in more than $25 billion in property insurance claims, making it one of the costliest U.S. disasters in history, second only to Hurricane Katrina.

Lynne McChristian, Florida representative of the III, said Hurricane Andrew was a real revelation.

"The cost of Hurricane Andrew is only part of its legacy," said McChristian. "The storm revealed that Florida’s vulnerability to hurricanes had been seriously underestimated, and that wakeup call was responsible for many of the insurance market changes that have occurred in coastal states over the last two decades."

Some of the most significant changes that resulted included a larger role for government in insuring coastal areas that are at risk of being damaged, the introduction of hurricane deductibles for homeowners insurance and strengthening building codes.

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