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4/20/2012 - Fuel economy tips to adhere to

Keeping tires inflated can keep drivers away from the gas pump.

While Earth Day comes just once a year, true observance of what it stands for requires individuals to live in an earth-conscious way 365 days a year. In the process, people can save the environment and save themselves money.

This is especially true when out on the road, which is why proper maintenance is crucial. To keep tires operating at their best, they should be inflated to the tire pressure recommended by the car's manufacturers, which can usually be found in the owner's manual.

When tires are inflated correctly, there is a smaller contact point between the ground and the tire, leading to less friction, better mileage and fewer emissions. Over or under-inflation reduces fuel economy and shortens the life of the tires themselves.

Motorists should also try to keep track of any changes they observe in their vehicle's fuel consumption. For example, if the car seems to be burning through gas more quickly than it has in the past, it is a good sign there is something mechanically wrong with it. To make sure, individuals may want to take it to a mechanic, asking them to look at the engine and brakes. They may be able to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

To learn more about how what you can do to more environmentally friendly, and how you can take part in the "Mobilize the Earth" movement, visit

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