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12/2/2011 - General Motors recalls nearly 38,500 Pontiacs

Many Pontiacs are being recalled.

General Motors will recall approximately 38,500 vehicles under the Pontiac brand due to safety issues that may arise, a new report confirms.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, GM will recall 38,444 Pontiac G8 sedans with model years between 2008 and 2009 due to an airbag malfunction that could result in serious injuries for passengers should they be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The report asserts that the problem is confined to the front-passenger airbags as there appears to be a delay in how long it takes the bags to deploy. According to GM, the time it takes between the first and second stages of the air bag deployment is approximately 30 milliseconds slower than it should be when the front seat is fully forward.

"In the event of a crash, this delay may result in increased head injury to certain front-seat occupants," the NHTSA report stated.

Owners of these vehicles are encouraged to take their vehicle to their nearest GM dealer, where the issue will be corrected free of charge.

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