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1/20/2014 - Good help is hard to find

In the meantime, almost nothing advances at quite the kind of speed that technology does.

It's a fresh start to the year, and the time in which business owners devote much of their efforts on improving their companies by hiring new talent. But according to a recent survey, at least in the technology sector, there appears to be a dearth of promising prospective workers.

The survey, which was released by the trade association Technology Councils of North America, questioned approximately 1,700 IT executives about their intentions for hiring new staff in the next year. While more than 70% of both small and medium-sized IT managers said that recruiting was among their agenda items to check off in the course of the next year, more than two-thirds - 69% - said that they weren't overly confident about finding the right candidate, saying that the quality of tech talent is lacking.

"Companies are feeling better about business conditions, but the talent shortage issue has the potential to sidetrack growth," said Steven Zylstra, chairman of TECNA.

He added that the results of the survey lends credence to why the industry has been asking the government to put more focus on advancing fields of study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, more commonly known as STEM education. The IT sector should continue to champion efforts made at making the profession more appealing to young people.

In the meantime, almost nothing advances at quite the kind of speed that technology does. To better deal with this near constant state of flux, Selective provides the business owners insurance protection IT professionals need to stay ahead of the curve so that they can keep their priorities on producing quality products that make consumers' lives easier.

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