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6/25/2014 - Graco issues voluntary recall on child seat harness buckles

Graco recently issued a voluntary recall on its child seat harness buckles.

A major baby product manufacturer has decided to issue a voluntary recall on a selected child safety seat feature that could compromise the physical well-being of kids while they're traveling.

In June of last year, Graco unveiled improved harness buckles for some of its toddler car seat products. But since that time, reports have come into the company from parents, indicating that the buckles themselves are often difficult to open, compromised further when children spill food or drink on them.

Though there haven't been any reported injuries stemming from the manufacturing flaw, Graco noted that a voluntary recall has been issued on the harness buckles. Parents are encouraged to get in touch with their local manufacturer by going online to download an order form. Graco said that once this form is filled out, consumers will be sent a replacement harness kit for free with installation instructions. It should arrive within six to eight weeks.

In the meantime, it's still safe for parents to use the buckles if there doesn't seem to be a problem, the Philadelphia-based company pointed out. However, should it become difficult to open or close, Graco has a one-and-a-half minute web video that details how to clean the buckle, which should optimize its performance.

There are strict laws on the books in all 50 states requiring child passenger restraint systems to be used. As a general rule, infant passengers ought to be seated in a rear-facing child safety seat, toddlers can be in those that are forward-facing and older kids should be in boosters, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. Most of the U.S. mandates that kids under the age of 7 be properly restrained, though there are a selected number of states that base this rule on children's height and weight.

Regardless, it is important to have the proper safety restraints in your vehicle. It's also important to have a quality auto insurance policy so that you and your loved ones are protected in the event of an accident. To learn about Selective's auto insurance, speak to a local Selective agent. 

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