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8/30/2012 - Height of hurricane season still underway

Late-season hurricanes can still pack a punch.

With most of the summer in the rearview mirror, many homeowners may think the heart of hurricane season has passed. However, as The Weather Channel indicates, historically, these types of storms occur most frequently in the final days of the season and into the first half of autumn.

According to the news outlet, approximately 95% of major hurricanes - those that are Category 3 or stronger, as measured by the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale - occur between August and October. Additionally, of the top 10 hurricanes that resulted in significant economic and homeowners insurance losses, nine of them have taken place in this three month period, including Hurricane Irene in August of last year, Andrew in the same month of 1992 and Katrina in August 2005.

Meteorologists say the reason for this is that atmospheric conditions are more favorable to hurricanes during this portion of the year than others due to disturbances known as tropical easterly waves that originate off the coast of Africa, influencing the Atlantic Basin. In addition, surface temperatures in the tropics tend to be warmest in September, increasing the possibility of hurricane formation.

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