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1/11/2013 - High number of tip-over deaths have consumer advocacy groups alarmed

Furniture, including TVs, should be anchored to prevent them from falling over.

A new report reveals that many children were often badly injured last year by an item that one might not expect to be especially dangerous.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of young children were hurt last year after a television toppled on them. In fact, nearly 350 children died as a result, 85% of whom were younger than 9 years old.

Inez Tenenbaum, chairman of the CPSC, noted that these accidents typically happen when children reach out for them to grab, not realizing that they're heavy and can easily fall if not properly secured.

"We know that low-cost anchoring devices are effective in preventing tip-over incidents," said Tenenbaum. "I urge parents to anchor their TVs, furniture and appliances and protect their children. It takes just a few minutes to do and it can save lives."

CPSC estimates that 43,000 consumers are injured annually in tip-over accidents, most of them children.

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