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12/14/2011 - Homeowners increasing insurance to prepare

Many consumers are increasing their homeowners insurance for more protection.

A new survey is detailing what homeowners are doing to protect themselves should a natural disaster take place.

According to disaster communications firm Cote and D'Ambrosio, which conducted the poll, homeowners are using a variety of methods to maximize their own and their family's safety. For instance, the most frequently cited tactic employed was individuals increasing their homeowners insurance coverage at 39%. Creating a family disaster plan as well as a disaster supply kit were other common steps taken.

"The good news … is that more Americans are taking steps to protect themselves, their families and their property from natural hazards," said Bud VanSickle, executive director of the Lightning Protection Institute. "In light of this trend, it's incumbent on the safety industry to help consumers make educated choices about the systems they have installed on their properties."

In addition to homeowners installing lightning protection systems, other safety measures homeowners said they've taken include purchasing generators and installing window and door reinforcements, according to the poll.

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