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7/13/2011 - How can young adults save on auto insurance?

Younger drivers can save money on auto insurance.

Studies show that younger drivers are more likely to get into car accidents compared to those who are older. As a result, auto insurance costs tend to be more expensive. But according to a website geared for young drivers, there are ways to decrease a young driver's annual premiums.

The College Driver website lists some of these cost-saving measures. The website says one of the primary ways a person can save money is insuring a vehicle that's not new, as newer cars have newer parts, thus costing more to fix should a vehicle be involved in an accident. The website says another cost-cutting measure is for young adults to join their parent's policy.

"It will be cheaper to get insurance as a named driver rather than taking out a separate policy," the source states.

Finally, the College Driver says one's driving record obviously also affects rates. The safer one drives, the less risk the insurer assumes, which may result in lower premiums as the years go by.

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