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7/10/2012 - How parents can keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel

Parents may need to establish firm rules surrounding their teens' driving.

With Memorial Day through Labor Day traditionally being the deadliest time of the year for teens involved in car accidents, a new safety initiative has been launched that may help parents keep their kids safe.

At, a series of new video clips highlights what parents can do to encourage their teenagers to drive responsibly.

Erin Sauber-Schatz, one of the safety experts featured in the public service announcements, indicated that parents have a lot of pull when it comes to influencing their children's decisions.

"Parents play a key role in preventing teen crashes," said Sauber-Schatz. "When asked whose opinions they listen to, teens most often said their parents."

In addition to ensuring teens have the proper auto insurance coverage, parents can get their kids to put more of a priority on driving safety by engaging in a conversation with them about what they consider to be safe driving, then coming up with a list of rules that they need to follow. If these stipulations are broken, consequences should be meted out, parents in the web video advise.

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