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7/30/2013 - How to avoid a bummer summer

Drivers are urged to pay close attention to the road to avoid any accidents this summer.

At this point, motorists have likely grown accustomed to what traffic patterns are like in the summertime as families continue to take advantage of the long days and warm summer nights. It's easy to let one's guard down to bask in the relaxed atmosphere and easy, breezy living.

But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages motorists to stay extra vigilant, as one never knows what can happen on the highway or back streets.

The best way to do this is to always keep total attention on the road ahead. According to 2011 NHTSA data, roughly one in every 10 highway fatalities that occurred during the year were related to driver distractions. Additionally, one in six injuries on the road emanated from multitasking behind the wheel in some way, often leading to an auto insurance claim.

Even when motorists get to their intended destination, though, they should still be sure to remain on guard. NHTSA notes that between 40% and 50% of all vehicle theft is due to driver error, such as by parking with the windows open or failing to lock all the doors.

Summer may be a time to kick back and relax, but safety experts urge not to unwind to such an extent, that reduces their sense of prudence and alertness.

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