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10/7/2011 - How to avoid identity theft

Consumers should handle their mail carefully.

Though some identity thieves are using increasingly sophisticated technology to steal people's identities, experts say pedestrian tactics are still the most common ones utilized.

In light of this, has put together a list of things consumers should keep in mind to keep their personal information private.

For instance, the source says consumers should be particularly watchful of the "snail mail" they receive. Lucy Duni, vice president of consumer education, tells the source that if consumers are expecting to receive a credit card bill and it doesn't arrive, that may be a sign their identity has been stolen.

While credit cards are frequent targets, Heather Wells, recovery manager for identity protection company ID Experts, says thieves don't necessarily need the number to steal it. Wells says that any personal document can be enough, such as a passport, Social Security card or birth certificate. All of these documents should be stored in a safe deposit box and not allowed to sit around.

Other tips suggested by the website on how to protect one's identity can be found here.

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