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7/24/2013 - How to make lemonade stands come to life

Lemonade stands in neighborhoods nationwide will likely be prevalent once again this summer.

Nothing screams an entrepreneurial spirit quite like a young child who sets up a lemonade stand outside their home in order to take advantage of the warm weather and consumers' desire for a tasty beverage. While business adventures are all in good fun, they can also serve as a valuable lesson in how to manage money.

"Lemonade stands give parents an opportunity to teach children about earning money, building community and expressing creativity," said Kim Stoegbauer, a lifestyle expert and creative designer.

But in order for kids to get drivers and passers-by attention, they need to ensure that their lemonade carousels really stand out. Stoegbauer offers some tips for how to make stands really pop.

Perhaps the most important thing is to promote. Whether it's posting signs around the neighborhood or taking advantage of the internet, advertising is one of the best ways to ensure that people are aware of the stand.

Other tips and ways in which to make a stand "stand out" can be found here.

With little kids being far from professionals, there may be situations wherein a customer is physically sickened. Alternatively, perhaps a young tike may cause damage to a neighbor's property if they've set their stand up near there. Most homeowners' insurance policies contain liability for protection for these types of scenarios.

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