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6/9/2011 - How to prepare your home for a hurricane

Homeowners should prepare their homes ahead of hurricane season.

Hurricane season began on June 1st and homeowners may be on high alert, as weather forecasters are predicting a busy hurricane season. And while the East coast hasn't been directly hit by a hurricane in more than a decade, one storm can devastate a community.

With this in mind, a local contractor - Dr. Do-All Handyman Services - is advising homeowners of what they can do to prepare their property for a hurricane.

For example, mobile home owners are particularly vulnerable to hurricane damage. Thus, the source says people should consult with their county zone office to make sure their home is up to code. Further, the source advises checking the home's tie-downs to make sure there's no rust or evidence of breakage.

Condominium owners and apartment renters are also at risk. Thus, the source says it may be advisable to purchase hurricane shutters for sliding doors.

For a complete list of the recommendations, click here.

Homeowners should consult with their insurance company to review their coverage limits. Typically, flood insurance coverage involves a 30-day standard waiting period, so talk to your Selective agent today to find out if you’re covered. To learn more about flood insurance from Selective, click here.

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