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4/13/2011 - III reminds homeowners to consider flood insurance

It's spring - and spring is flooding season.

With temperatures rising and songbirds arriving, it's hard not to notice that spring has arrived. But what often goes unnoticed for some people this time of year is that their homeowners insurance policy doesn't include flood coverage.

With this in mind, the Insurance Information Institute recently issued a reminder to homeowners that they should check with their agent to make sure they're covered because the risk of flooding looms large throughout the country.

"Floods are the nation's leading natural disaster," said Loretta Worters, vice president of the III. "Anywhere it rains, it can flood."

The III encourages homeowners to purchase flood coverage early, as policies typically take a month to go into effect.

The III says Midwestern states are particularly vulnerable to flooding, and a recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration supports that statement. According to the NOAA, the Midwest has an above average risk for flooding over the next few weeks, along with the Northeast and the North Central United States.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has also recently redrawn flood maps for communities participating in the government's National Flood Insurance Program, which means that some people who didn't need to purchase flood coverage last year may now be required to.

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