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11/2/2011 - Insurance myth: Thieves prefer new cars

Experts say it's a myth that thieves only prefer new vehicles.

Every year, the National Crime Insurance Bureau releases its findings regarding how many cars were stolen be thieves, as well as what makes and models were the most frequent targets. But for the past several years, the cars most frequently reported as stolen have consistently been cars with older model years and not new ones.

Frank Scafildi, bureau spokesman for the NICB, explained why this is the case.

"The reason we see so many older vehicles on the list is because they are easier to steal," Scafildi told "Also, people are keeping their cars longer. That creates a good market for used parts. A lot of times, when they are stolen, they don't make it back on the street intact."

Another common misperception about stolen cars is that a standard auto insurance policy will always replace the vehicle if it's lifted. While auto insurance can cover policyholders, it doesn't always. Consult with your Selective independent insurance agent today to make sure you are covered.

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