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11/23/2011 - Keep fire away on Thanksgiving Day

Those frying their turkeys should be careful.

With Thanksgiving approaching, families are putting the finishing touches on meal preparations by baking pies, preparing side dishes and cooking – or frying – their turkeys. But as the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates, frying mishaps lead to dozens of fires annually, occasionally resulting in serious injuries and property damage.

To help families celebrate the day safely, the group offers a few cooking safety tips.

For consumers using an oil fryer to cook their turkeys, the CPSC emphasizes the importance of making sure the fryer always remains in view but in an area that's away from standing structures. The heat from the fryer can be enough to start a fire.

It's also critical for those frying the turkey to take certain precautions, since the oil is heated to at least 350 degrees. The turkey should be completely thawed and dried before being slowly lowered into the fryer. A frozen or wet turkey can cause the burning oil to splatter.

For more turkey frying safety tips, as well as suggestions for how to safely prepare a fryer, click here

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