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9/1/2011 - Kids safer with grandparents driving

Children may be safer when riding with their grandparents.

While previous research has suggested older drivers are more likely to get into driving accidents than younger ones, a new study says children are safer when their grandparents are behind the wheel.

Researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia reviewed more than 1,000 traffic accidents between 2003 through 2007 and concluded that the risk of children getting into a traffic accident was much lower when their grandparents were driving as opposed to their mom or dad.

"My hypothesis setting out was that grandparents may be putting their grandchildren at higher risk in crashes," said Fred Henretig, the study's lead author, in an interview with "Lo and behold, it turns out kids are only getting injured half as often."

The analysis indicated 0.7 percent of kids were injured in accidents when their grandparents were driving, but that rate was 1.05 percent when their father or mother was operating the car.

While age may be a factor when auto insurance premiums are assessed by insurers, a driver's accident history likely plays a much larger role. 

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