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11/8/2013 - Majority of Americans opposed EPA shutdown

In each state, more than half of respondents were opposed to the EPA being prevented from doing its job.

It wasn't long ago that the federal government, for the first time in several years, shut down due to internal squabbling among lawmakers about healthcare legislation and the budget ceiling.

And while the freeze on federal employment was only partial, there was full-throated opposition to the move among the majority of Americans, according to a recently released poll.

The survey, which was conducted by Public Policy Polling on behalf of the nonprofit environmental organization Natural Resources Defense Council, found that while approximately 66% of consumers opposed the government shutdown, one of their chief gripes with it was how it affected the Environmental Protection Agency, as workers were unable to perform their basic duties like cleaning up hazardous chemicals and developing carbon pollution limits.

David Goldston, director of government affairs for NRDC, indicated that business owners and Americans in general were all adversely impacted by the shutdown from a standpoint of environmental wellness.

"The public understands that the EPA is a needed guardian of our environment and health," said Goldston. "They expect protection from pollution - and they wanted our environmental guardians back on the job."

State-by-state opposition to shutdown also evident
In addition to polling nationally, the survey research firm and NRDC questioned entrepreneurs and consumers at the local level among various states, such as Maine, Virginia, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania. In each state, more than half of respondents were opposed to the EPA being prevented from doing its job.

With the government and the EPA now back at work, environmental and regulatory controls have recommenced, providing the earth with the protection it needs so natural resources can last for as long as possible.

While the government may have the ability to shut down, this is not something business owners are able to do without it affecting their bottom lines. But, in those scenarios where they have to close their doors after sustaining a property loss, they can still maintain their light carbon footprint with Selective's GreenPac® businessowners insurance plan. With this policy in place, company managers can replace or repair what's been damaged with its green or sustainable equivalent.

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