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4/17/2012 - Make your business 'greener' than it ever was before

GreenPac pays for environmentally friendly construction materials.

As more of today's consumers go green, American businesses are following suit and trying to implement environmentally responsible ways of performing day-to-day operations. Even when businesses experience a loss due to a fire or weather disaster, when they rebuild, they may seek out ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

With this in mind, Selective's GreenPac® enhancement endorsement offers insurance protection for your commercial property that will help your business become greener after experiencing property loss.

For a small additional premium, commercial customers can select sustainable products to be used in the rebuilding process that will not only help protect and preserve the environment, but also reduce energy costs when the business is up and running again.

In addition, GreenPac® offers a 30-day increase in the restoration period should you experience delays in obtaining the green construction materials you need for rebuilding or for furniture and equipment made from sustainable materials.

Talk with your independent Selective agent today to find out more about GreenPac®.

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