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7/18/2012 - Many aware of vehicle theft but few guard against it

Many drivers admit to leaving their cars unlocked.

While a considerable percentage of Americans think about the possibility of their vehicles being stolen, few take the appropriate measures to reduce their risk of being victimized, a new poll indicates.

According to a poll conducted by automotive security company LoJack, nearly 80% of motorists think about vehicle theft on an occasional to frequent basis. However, of these, more than one-third - 36% - do not take any steps to help mitigate the chances of their cars being pilfered.

In addition, many drivers say they have at least once done something that increases the likelihood of being affected by automotive theft, as 67% said they have either left their running vehicle unattended or parked their car without locking the doors.

While a comprehensive auto insurance policy can provide drivers with recourse should they be impacted, motorists can help prevent theft from ever occurring by using common sense measures, such as parking in a well-lit area, always locking the doors when away from the car and never leaving valuables out in the open, LoJack advises.

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