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9/6/2012 - Many homeowners would ignore evacuation warnings

Many people say they would not follow evacuation orders.

Despite the warnings homeowners receive urging them to leave their residences when a severe weather disaster takes place, many Americans choose to ignore the calls and ride the storm out, a new survey suggests.

According to a poll conducted by FTI Consulting, more than one in every four homeowners - 27% - say they would not heed evacuation warnings to leave their properties behind if they were faced with an imminent natural disaster.

Additionally, the survey found that despite most Americans having homeowners insurance that can cover their losses should they be severely impacted by a weather-related catastrophe, 62% say they have not prepared an emergency kit.

Craig Fugate, administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, indicated that individuals might not fully appreciate the importance of planning ahead.

"Being aware of risks and hazards and taking steps to prepare can reduce the impacts of damage from disasters," said Fugate. "When it comes to preparing for disasters … focus on the need to be prepared."

Experts say a basic emergency kit should include non-perishable food, personal hygiene-related items, a weather-resistant radio and cash, among other things.

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