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11/13/2012 - Many parents expect their adult children to return home

Some younger people and couples may move back in with their parents.

With the economy struggling to recover and families increasingly relying on each other to make ends meet, a considerable number of parents expect their adult children to move back into the house eventually.

According to a recent poll conducted by national homebuilder PulteGroup, 31% of respondents with children said that they expect their grown kids to live with them again at some point in the future.

As it is already, a fair number of participants said that their parents were currently living with them, indicated by 15% of respondents. Additionally, nearly one-third said that they expect to live with their parents sooner or later.

Scott Thomas, national director of product development for the homebuilding company, noted that many of these respondents will likely wind up expanding their living space either by purchasing a new home or renovating the one they already have to make room for their family members.

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